Reynolds Foundation Donates $1M For Bitcoin Development

The Reynolds Foundation has donated $1 million to OpenSats to support the development of Bitcoin and freedom tech projects.
Reynolds Foundation Donates $1M For Bitcoin Development
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Key Takeaways

  • Reynolds Foundation donates $1M to OpenSats for Bitcoin-related projects.
  • 100% of the funds will directly support open-source freedom tech initiatives.
  • OpenSats encourages further philanthropic participation to advance Bitcoin development.

OpenSats, a non-profit dedicated to open-source software and Bitcoin projects, has received a $1 million donation from The Reynolds Foundation.

Focused funding for open-source initiatives

Dr. Álvaro Salas-Castro, President & CEO of the Reynolds Foundation, emphasized the donation’s commitment to transparency and professionalism.

Salas-Castro stated:

As new supporters of OpenSats, we are deeply appreciative of the opportunity to engage with a community that exemplifies transparency, professionalism, and inclusivity, all while championing the acceleration of freedom.

Invitation to support Bitcoin development

With OpenSats’ operational expenses independently funded, the entire donation is allocated to the development of open-source projects.

OpenSats also invites other philanthropists to contribute, enhancing the impact on the community.

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