Iconic 'Buy Bitcoin' Sign Sells for Over $1M in Auction

The famous 'Buy Bitcoin' sign flashed behind Janet Yellen in 2017 has been auctioned for 16 Bitcoin, amounting to over $1 million.
Iconic 'Buy Bitcoin' Sign Sells for Over $1M in Auction

Key Takeaways

  • The 'Buy Bitcoin' sign was auctioned for 16 BTC, amounting to over $1 million.
  • Christian Langalis, the creator of the sign, was escorted out of a 2017 hearing for displaying it.
  • The auction's proceeds will fund a Bitcoin software project.

Christian Langalis, known as “Bitcoin Sign Guy,” auctioned the “Buy Bitcoin” sign that he held up behind Janet Yellen during a 2017 hearing.

The sign fetched 16 Bitcoin, equivalent to over $1 million.

Details of the auction

The auction was held on the Bitcoin platform Scarce City, ending on April 24 with “Justin” or “Squirrekkywrath” as the winning bidder.

After Scarce City’s 15% fee, Langalis will receive approximately $875,000.

Historic moment and future plans

Langalis was escorted out of the 2017 hearing for displaying the sign, which subsequently led to a 3.7% increase in Bitcoin’s price that day.

He plans to invest the proceeds in a Bitcoin software project.

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