El Salvador Leverages Volcano Energy for Bitcoin Mining

Volcano Energy, a mining company in El Salvador, plans to leverages renewable Volcanic energy for Bitcoin mining.
El Salvador Leverages Volcano Energy for Bitcoin Mining
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Key Takeaways

  • Volcano Energy to start Bitcoin mining with renewable energy by January 2025.
  • Excess energy from mining operations will supply El Salvador's national grid.
  • Plans include donating renewable energy to the public and training local professionals.

Volcano Energy in El Salvador is finalizing its renewable energy plants.

CEO Josué López anticipates the start of Bitcoin mining operations soon.

Operational plans and capacity

The company’s photovoltaic plant will be operational by year-end, with Bitcoin mining starting in January 2025.

It will produce 85 megawatts of power, while a wind power plant will follow in the second quarter with 49.6 MW.

Boosting national energy and economy

López highlighted that these plants will not only support mining but also supply excess energy to the national grid.

This could significantly reduce energy costs in El Salvador.

Future expansion and workforce development

A future geothermal plant will further boost efficiency and reduce costs, with plans to eventually donate solar and wind energy to the public.

Volcano Energy is also focusing on training local professionals for sustainable development.

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