Trezor Unveils New Safe 5 Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

Trezor launches the Safe 5 hardware wallet and Trezor Expert onboarding service.
Trezor Unveils New Safe 5 Bitcoin Hardware Wallet
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Key Takeaways

  • Trezor launches Safe 5 hardware wallet, including a bitcoin-only version.
  • The Safe 5 wallet features a larger touchscreen and enhanced security elements.
  • Trezor Expert onboarding service offers personalized setup and security guidance.

Trezor has introduced its latest hardware wallet, the Safe 5, at BTC Prague 2024. The product lineup includes a bitcoin-only version and the “Trezor Expert” onboarding service aimed at encouraging self-custody of Bitcoin.

The Safe 5 hardware wallet allows users to securely store, manage, and use Bitcoin via the Trezor Suite desktop and mobile app. It boasts a larger color touchscreen, haptic feedback, a new secure element, and a 20-word backup process.

Open source

Trezor devices are open-source, facilitating rapid identification and resolution of vulnerabilities. The new backup process employs Shamir’s secret sharing, splitting the master secret key into multiple shares for enhanced security. This ensures users can restore their wallet even if some shares are lost.

To safeguard backup phrases from physical damage, Trezor will offer a 20-word Trezor Keep Metal solution starting in July. The device will also support legacy backup processes.

According to Trezor CEO, Matěj Žák:

The Trezor Safe 5 is designed for crypto users seeking everyday utility with the highest level of security

The Safe 5 is priced at $169, with bitcoin-only and Black Graphite versions available for pre-order and shipping in July. Other color options will be released by mid-August.

Trezor also launched the Trezor Expert service, providing one-on-one onboarding sessions to assist customers in setting up their cold-storage devices and understanding self-custody. This service, priced at $99, will be available globally, ensuring customer privacy and security.

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