Sony to Launch S.BLOX Bitcoin Exchange in Japan

Sony Group is set to enter the Bitcoin market by relaunching the acquired Amber Japan exchange as S.BLOX, reflecting its expansion into the Bitcoin space.
Sony to Launch S.BLOX Bitcoin Exchange in Japan
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Key Takeaways

  • Sony has acquired Amber Japan and is rebranding it as S.BLOX.
  • The move reflects Sony's growing push into the Bitcoin market.
  • Japan's proactive regulation and high consumer awareness make it an ideal market for S.BLOX.

Sony Group is preparing to launch a Bitcoin exchange in Japan after acquiring Amber Group’s local subsidiary, Amber Japan. The revamped exchange, named S.BLOX, aims to enhance Sony’s presence in the Bitcoin market.

Sony purchased Amber Japan in 2023 through its subsidiary Quetta Web. Originally known as DeCurret, Amber Japan was taken over by Singapore-based Amber Group in 2022. Now, Sony has rebranded the exchange as S.BLOX and plans significant upgrades to its user interface and mobile app. The exact launch date has not yet been announced.

This move reflects Sony’s growing interest in Bitcoin. By leveraging Amber Japan’s platform, Sony aims to capitalize on its brand recognition and global reach to promote its Bitcoin offerings. Japan, with its proactive regulation and high consumer awareness, provides an ideal market for Sony to debut and expand these services.

Sony’s venture into the Bitcoin market aligns with its history of transformative acquisitions, such as CBS Records and Columbia Pictures, which evolved it from an electronics firm into a global media powerhouse. This latest acquisition could herald a similar evolution within the Bitcoin industry.

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