Satoshi Nakamoto Institute Launches Website Redesign Fundraiser

The Satoshi Nakamoto Institute is fundraising to redesign its website in line with its new timeless logo.
Satoshi Nakamoto Institute Launches Website Redesign Fundraiser
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Key Takeaways

  • SNI is raising 21 million sats for a redesigned website to reflect Bitcoin's values.
  • The new logo features the number 21, symbolizing Bitcoin's fixed supply.
  • The redesign aims to preserve Bitcoin's history and inspire future generations.

The Satoshi Nakamoto Institute (SNI) aims to raise 21 million sats for a website redesign.

This initiative is to reflect the elegance and timelessness of Bitcoin’s principles.

Symbolism in design

Skyler, a renowned Bitcoin designer, created SNI’s new logo.

The design incorporates the number 21, highlighting Bitcoin’s fixed supply and long-standing economic traditions.

Inspiring future generations

SNI’s redesign focuses on ensuring that Bitcoin’s innovative spirit is preserved and appreciated.

By enhancing their website’s aesthetics, they aim to engage and educate future audiences deeply.

Message from Bitbo CEO

SNI personally helped me understand Bitcoin properly at the beginning of my journey. I spent hours reading the essays in the SNI mempool. It’s one of the most important websites in the Bitcoin world.

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