Semler Scientific Boosts Bitcoin Holdings with $17M Purchase

Semler Scientific invests $17 million in Bitcoin, increasing its total holdings to 828 bitcoins.
Semler Scientific Boosts Bitcoin Holdings with $17M Purchase
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Key Takeaways

  • Semler Scientific has purchased 247 additional bitcoins for $17 million.
  • The company's total bitcoin holdings now amount to 828 units, worth $57 million.
  • CEO Doug Murphy-Chutorian views bitcoin as a compelling investment and reliable store of value.

Semler Scientific has significantly increased its bitcoin holdings by purchasing an additional 247 bitcoins for $17 million in cash. This acquisition brings the company’s total bitcoin investment to 828 bitcoins, valued at $57 million.

Doug Murphy-Chutorian, CEO of Semler Scientific, expressed strong confidence in bitcoin, stating:

Bitcoin is a compelling investment and can serve as a reliable store of value.

This strategic move is part of the company’s broader plan to diversify its investments while continuing its primary focus on healthcare technology.

The additional purchase underscores Semler Scientific’s belief in bitcoin’s potential as an investment asset. Murphy-Chutorian emphasized:

We will continue to pursue our strategy of purchasing bitcoins with cash.

The company’s dual approach highlights both its expansion in the healthcare sector and its growing presence in the bitcoin market. While the primary focus remains on developing products and services to combat chronic diseases, the investment in bitcoin indicates a parallel strategy to strengthen its financial position through alternative assets.

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