Officer Prevents $40K Bitcoin ATM Scam by Chase Bank Impersonator

A Texas police officer halted a scam involving an elderly woman who was deceived into depositing $40,000 into a Bitcoin ATM by a Chase Bank impersonator.
Officer Prevents $40K Bitcoin ATM Scam by Chase Bank Impersonator
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Key Takeaways

  • A police officer in Texas stopped a $40,000 Bitcoin ATM scam.
  • The victim had already deposited $23,900 before the scam was halted.
  • Authorities are working to recover the lost funds for the victim.

A police officer in White Settlement, Texas, intervened during an ongoing scam orchestrated by a Chase Bank impersonator who tricked an elderly woman into withdrawing $40,000 and depositing it into a Bitcoin ATM.

The scam was intercepted on June 19, when a concerned citizen alerted the White Settlement Police Department (WSPD) after noticing the woman depositing large sums of cash into the ATM.

How the scammer tricked her

The impersonator had convinced the victim that she would be arrested if she did not comply, using a common scam tactic known as pig butchering.

The caller ID displayed “Chase Bank,” which misled the victim into believing she was speaking with a legitimate bank employee.

The scammer arranged for a ride service to transport the woman to a local Chase Bank to withdraw the money and then to a convenience store with a Bitcoin ATM.

Police officer steps in

Dashcam footage from the police shows the officer taking over the conversation.

Despite the impersonator’s attempts to persuade the victim to complete the transaction, the officer prevented any further deposits.

However, the victim had already deposited $23,900 into the Bitcoin ATM. Authorities are now working with government officials to recover the funds.

Sergeant James Stewart, the responding officer, expressed empathy for the victim, saying:

All I could do is visualize my mom in this case. I wish we could find this guy and place him behind bars for a very long time because he is probably doing this to other people.

Chief of Police Christopher Cook thanked the citizen who reported the incident and mentioned plans to recognize their efforts at a future council meeting.

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