Super Testnet Unveils Hedgehog for Layer 2 Bitcoin Payments

Super Testnet introduces Hedgehog, a new protocol for asynchronous layer 2 Bitcoin payments that offers more flexibility and efficiency.
Super Testnet Unveils Hedgehog for Layer 2 Bitcoin Payments
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Key Takeaways

  • Super Testnet introduces Hedgehog for asynchronous Bitcoin payments.
  • Hedgehog simplifies transactions by allowing state updates by the sender.
  • The protocol addresses issues of the lightning network, like channel closure and stuck funds.

Super Testnet, a developer focused on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, has revealed Hedgehog.

The Hedhehog protocol enables asynchronous layer 2 Bitcoin payments.

Unlike the Lightning Network, Hedgehog allows one party to send Bitcoin while the other is offline.

Simplifying bitcoin transactions

Hedgehog’s simplicity lies in its state updates.

Only the sender needs to propose an update, which the recipient can accept later.

This asynchronous nature enhances payment flexibility. The protocol leverages “revocable connectors” for added security and control.


Alice can open a channel with Bob and send off-chain payments using revocable connectors.

Bob can accept or reject these payments when he comes online.

Hedgehog also addresses potential issues such as the inability to force close a channel and funds getting stuck in a multisig address.

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