'Bitcoin Sign Guy' To Auction Off Iconic 'Buy Bitcoin' Sign from 2017

Christian Langalis, known as 'Bitcoin Sign Guy,' is auctioning the 'Buy Bitcoin' sign he held up during Janet Yellen's 2017 Congressional testimony to fund his Bitcoin startup.
'Bitcoin Sign Guy' To Auction Off Iconic 'Buy Bitcoin' Sign from 2017

Key Takeaways

  • 'Bitcoin Sign Guy' to auction his iconic 'Buy Bitcoin' sign from 2017.
  • Proceeds from the auction will fund his Bitcoin/Lightning/Urbit startup, Tirrel Corp.
  • The auction will take place on Scarce City, with final bids entertained at PubKey, a Bitcoin-themed bar in New York.

Christian Langalis, famously known as ‘Bitcoin Sign Guy,’ is auctioning his iconic “Buy Bitcoin” sign.

The sign gained viral fame when he held it up during Janet Yellen’s Congressional testimony in July 2017.

A piece of Bitcoin history

The sign, drawn on a yellow legal pad with a fine-point pen, will be listed on Scarce City.

This online marketplace specializes in physical and digital collectibles, accepting only Bitcoin as payment.

Funding a Bitcoin startup

Langalis plans to use the auction proceeds to fund Tirrel Corp.

This startup focuses on building a Lightning network implementation and wallet on top of Urbit, a project aiming to redesign the internet computing stack.

Auction details and expectations

The auction, starting on April 18, will have no minimum price.

Langalis received a private offer of five BTC (around $350,000) for the sign but has not set expectations for the auction outcome.

Community celebration

The final bids will be entertained in person on April 24 at PubKey, a Bitcoin-themed bar in New York.

Langalis sees this as a way to celebrate with the Bitcoin community.

International attention

The 2017 stunt drew global attention to Bitcoin, with Langalis being escorted out of the hearing room for violating committee rules.

Unaware of the viral spread, he later found out that his image was widely shared on social media.

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