Arthur Hayes & Peter Brandt Predict Price Dip Post-Halving

Leading analysts anticipate a potential downturn in Bitcoin's price following the upcoming halving event, amidst economic uncertainties and historical patterns.
Arthur Hayes & Peter Brandt Predict Price Dip Post-Halving
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Key Takeaways

  • The Bitcoin halving is set to reduce mining rewards, impacting the supply of bitcoin available for sale.
  • Analysts predict potential price correction post-halving, citing historical patterns.
  • Halving may pressure miners to sell reserves, influencing Bitcoin's price.

The Bitcoin halving is scheduled for around April 19th, which will reduce the mining reward from 6.25 to 3.125 BTC.

This event is expected to impact market dynamics significantly, with analysts like Arthur Hayes, Benjamin Cowen, and Peter Brandt predicting a possible price correction post-halving.

Analysts’ perspectives on post-halving scenario

Arthur Hayes expresses concerns about market consensus and economic conditions leading to a slump around the halving.

He anticipates a precarious period for risky assets in late April, followed by a potential market boost after the Federal Reserve meeting on May 1.

Benjamin Cowen and Peter Brandt also foresee a market correction, drawing parallels with past patterns such as the 20% correction following the spot-Bitcoin ETF approvals in January.

Implications for Bitcoin miners

The halving is likely to exert pressure on Bitcoin miners, as their earnings will halve.

This may force them to sell some of their Bitcoin reserves to cover operational expenses, adding to the market dynamics post-halving.

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